White Converse: Are they Still Fashionable?

This summer we are going on an extended trip and traveling around Asia and Europe. With this we have a limited amount of space for shoes. Whilst we would love to take 2 pairs of trainers, shoes, sandals and heels, we can’t possible do so. With this we have to be smart about what we take and consider where we will be and the activities we will be doing.

With this we were recommended that we should buy some White converse. These are probably one of the best selling shoes in the past 20 years for females, I can’t think of anything else so fashionable with many people wearing them.

With this we decided to check whether the White Converse are still fashionable and trendy to wear. From research across the web, mainly Instagram, there are hundreds of fashionable people still using these shoes! The great thing is tat the shoes can be used with almost anything, a dress, jeans, shorts. Aside from a formal event it looks like you can wear White converse with almost anything and still get away with it.

With this we decided to purchase our first pair this weekend for a bargain price of $50. We fully expect to use these for our vacation and trip and hopefully look as cool as we think we are.

Here are some pictures of White Converse in action.

What are your thoughts , we would love to hear from you.

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