Why the IT sector isn’t just for men

Traditionally, the IT sector has always been a male preserve. Massive global companies such as Google historically had large numbers of male staff working for them despite efforts on their part to address this issue. However, in recent times, this sector has seen a drastic shift in the number of women moving into it. This shows that working in IT isn’t just for men; there are also plenty of great opportunities for women.

The benefits of working in IT

If you are interested in IT, the most obvious benefit is that you will be working in a job you enjoy. This is a real bonus because work will be something you look forward to and you will have a rewarding career by the end of it.

Another fantastic reason to move into IT is that it is a growth industry that offers great career opportunities. Not only are companies always looking out for IT staff, but the chance for career advancement is always good. The range of roles within IT is varied, which means you can choose one that suits you. You might choose to be a game developer, Forex investment bank software person or code cruncher. Whatever side of IT interests you, you will likely find a suitable role.

Another great aspect of working in IT is the flexibility it can bring. With the prospect of flexible working hours and remote working for some roles, you can fit it in with your life as a busy Mum, for example.

The art of freelancing

In addition to having the chance to work remotely, the IT sector also offers opportunities for you to freelance or work on a contract basis for different companies. This helps you to fit your job around your life and choose when you want to work. There are lots of different things to think about when setting up as a freelancer, such as PAYE payments for your money coming in. An umbrella company can help with this if you need any further advice. These types of companies can do a lot of the hard work for you in these areas as a freelancer and leave you to enjoy your work and life!

What qualifications do I need to work in IT?

When moving into IT, there are a few options when it comes to how to do it and what qualifications you may need. For some higher roles, you may be asked for a relevant degree qualification in an area like computing, for example.

If you are planning to start at entry-level,  it may be possible to simply apply for an advertised job  and request training.

Watch out, IT: The girls are coming!

With more and more women becoming interested in IT and moving into the industry, it is a great time to get on board. The chance to carve out an amazing career dong something you love is rare, so if you think it’s for you, go for it! Don’t be put off by the old-fashioned ideas of IT being only for men. In the modern age, women are just as able to thrive in the industry as men.

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