Why You Must Buy Your Correct Helmet Size

Helmets are as closely associated with motorcycle riding as leather jackets these days. Head protection has come a long way from old-fashioned leather football helmets. Today, helmets are made of hard outer shells over multi-density EPS layers. While these are a huge leap forward, to get the full protective benefits of a helmet, it must be the right size and shape for you.

Better Protection

Drop a melon in a helmet and it’s fine. Drop a melon without a helmet and you’ve ruined Sunday brunch. It’s a common enough safety demonstration because it shows, quite viscerally, what can happen to an unprotected head. Unlike a melon, your head has a lot of middle ground between fine and smashed. Proper fit lessens the chances of a helmet twisting, which can damage to your face and neck. It also absorbs more impact force, potentially reducing the trauma to the brain.

More Comfortable

It’s simple: the more you can reduce riding fatigue, the more you can ride. You can tough it out if you want, but are you even having fun at that point? Tight-fitting helmets create hot spots, cutting into your skin.

Loose-fitting helmets rattle on your head and affect your vision. A properly sized helmet minimizes pressure on your scalp and doesn’t feel as heavy as a poorly fitting model.

Just Right

To find your size, start by measuring the widest part of your head with a tape. Most manufacturers give ranges on what constitutes their small sizes versus motorcycle helmets for big heads. If buying online, read product reviews to see if helmets are true to size. You should also see if which helmets come in different shapes, as certain models may fit your head differently.

Your Correct Helmet Shop

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