Why you should consider Liverpool for your next job move

Considering your next career move? Then consider moving to Liverpool, it’s a vibrant metropolis with a lively cultural scene, a strong economy and much more besides.

Liverpool’s economy – ahead of the field

Historically, Liverpool was the route by which businesses found a way in to the international market and with Brexit on the horizon, it may take the helm again. The signs are good. You might not know this, but in recent years the economy in Liverpool has often out performed those in neighbouring cities like Manchester and sometimes London too. So it’s a great place to look for your next career move. Moreover, plans are being deliberated for a flagship £1billion regeneration which will help the city’s economy even further, so why would you go anywhere else?

Liverpool tops with digital skills

Got your finger on the digital pulse? Well, if so, you might be interested to know that a report just published names Liverpool as the country’s most digitally skilled city in the country. Yes, Liverpool has trumped Manchester and London yet again – in fact, it’s trumped everywhere.

So if you’re interested in forging a career in communications or the creation of digital content, for instance, it could be your best move. Opportunities also abound for those involved in the more technical aspects of the digital industry like working on security and device protection for example. Liverpool has a history in which innovation’s played a significant part, and that shows no sign of changing now. So find a place for your digital skills in this vibrant city.

Liverpool it’s cool


In addition to a strong economy, Liverpool has just been named as one of the coolest places to visit in the UK by readers of the website Conde Nast Traveller, and that’s no surprise to those who know the city. Where else would you find a buzzing city centre with a plethora of places to eat, drink and shop, that incorporates breathtaking architecture, a stunning dock and beautiful green spaces; all within easy reach of a clutch of beaches too.

In fact, Liverpool is the second most filmed city in the UK, so you’ll be bound to recognise some of this city’s most iconic landmarks from the Royal Liver Building to the Albert Dock, St George’s Hall and many more. Musicians, playwrights, poets and artists, plus the theatres, music venues and art galleries to showcase their work, proliferate in this cultural hotspot.

You’ll never be short of something to do in Liverpool from gigs to festivals, arts events or the exciting nightlife.

Your quality of life

Though house prices in Liverpool are rising (a mark of the strong economy), the price of accommodation tends to be economical and the cost of living cheaper, than in many parts of the UK, potentially providing you with a better quality of life.  So, if you’re in the throes of establishing your career or trying to get a foot on the housing ladder, Jobs in Liverpool could be your best port of call.

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